Panic gripped Pakistan’s Karachi as Pakistan Air Force (PAF) fighter jets hovered in the sky late night on Tuesday. Pakistani OSNIT Community has claimed that Indian Air Force (IAF) Combat air Patrol nears Rajasthan and along Line of Control in Kashmir what prompted PAF to scramble their JF-17s from PAF Base Masroor.

Wajahat Kazmi an Independent Journalist claimed in his Tweet at midnight that “It’s probably after 27th Feb 2019 that I have heard so many PAF jets patrolling the sky. I hope nothing serious is happening or expected to happen” Another Pakistani Journalist Wajahat Saeed Khan in his tweet where he tagged the High Commission of India in Islamabad and asked for clarification. ” Dear @IndiainPakistan, rumors are rife about Indian Air Force incursions into Pakistan-administered Kashmir and the Sindh-Rajasthan sector. Recommend you put out a statement to clarify. Also, recommend that everybody chill and enjoy the week. “

Some Pakistan’s on Twitter claimed there was Blackout in some areas of Karachi, while others claimed they weren’t any but confirmed patrolling done by PAF jets for a few hours post-midnight. Indian OSNIT community have not confirmed any breach of Karachi airspace by IAF, but are trying to figure out what spooked PAF.

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