After claiming decisive Aerial victory over the Indian Air force (IAF) even though it lost an F-16, PAF was able to manage its propaganda too well for its image brand building in its country, that it now fears that IAF might be looking at an opportunity to settle scores. PAF HQ has warned its forward bases to scramble with extreme cautions at any unidentified or identified target that might be coming from the Indian side as a Bait for a possible ambush by Indian Rafale that is equipped with Meteor BVRAAMs.

PAF broke unwritten Rules of Engagement (RoE) set between two airforce’s on Aerial engagement and IAF has acknowledged this with New RoE that now allows long-range BVRAAMs to be fired towards a target, that is flying within its own air space. has been informed by IAF watchers that IAF Pilots flying from forward bases are cleared to engage hostile targets even if they don’t appear to have any intent to breach our airspace.

Reset of RoE by PAF has been making Pilots of the PAF Forward bases vary of the running for the scramble on every IAF aircraft that was found flying to close to the 10km buffer line set by both airforce’s over the sky near International border. The usual practice, whenever one or two Bogeys approached Buffer line, could be to send a small team for probe and keep another as a backup in air and another one or two at Tarmac ready to take off and intercept, which has been same between both airforce’s to date. has been confirmed that recent scrambles by PAF confirm that, this too has changed and PAF now rather prefers to have a larger force in the air than sends a small intercept team for every IAF jet flying close to the border thus increasing its own cost on sorties.

PAF’s night flying activities have increased and recent scrambles and panicky pilots going supersonic over civilian settlements have been reported and even multiple blackouts in many major cities like Karachi were seen in the last one year whenever there is some air activity across the border. To avoid Bait and ambush tactics by IAF, PAF is also regularly keeping one or two of its Swedish origin air warning systems in rotation for hours in the air to provide better situational awareness to its pilots.

Every time Su-30MKIs flew CAPs near Border, PAF Pilots could come running like a bunch of kids in a candy shop without following standard tactics to claim bragging rights that they forced Su-30MKI out of their airspace. Later IAF used a formation of Sukhoi-30MKI as a bait and distraction to allow 12 man Mirage-2000 formation to intrude Pakistani air space to carry out Balakot Air Strikes on Terror Facility deep inside Pakistani Territory last year, while PAF F-16 Pilots were busy chasing Su-30MKI formations in a wrong sector.

Induction of Dassault Rafale by IAF means it has to factor in many new scenarios which IAF might use to its advantage with Meteor BVRAAMs coming into play and after induction of S-400 system next year, IAF will also have a major advantage of not only protecting its airspace but also will be able to take out targets deemed hostile within Pakistani air space.

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