More than 30,000 illegal foreigners have so far been deported from the Northeastern state based on the Assam Accord, the Assembly was informed on Monday.

Assam Accord Implementation Minister Atul Bora said 1,48,022 illegal foreigners have been detected in the state till August 31 this year as per the provisions of the Accord. Out of the 1,48,022 illegal foreigners, 31,953 were infiltrators who had entered the country before 1971, and 1,16,069 had come in the post-1971 period.

Mr Bora also said 30,067 illegal migrants have been deported on the basis of the Accord till August 31 this year.

According to the Assam Accord signed on August 15, 1985, anyone entering the state on or after March 25, 1971, will be deemed a foreigner and will be deported from the state.

The minister also said fencing along the international boundary with Bangladesh in Cachar district has been completed.