Russian fighters have remained highly effective and lethal against Ukrainian aircraft near the frontlines throughout the war, especially the Su-35S with the R-77-1 long-range missile and, in recent months, the Mig-31BM with the R-37 very long-range missile. According to a recent study, the long-range air-to-air missiles MiG-31BM and R-37M have been incredibly effective against Ukrainian fighter planes.

R-37M was designed to shoot down tankers, AWACS, and other C4ISTAR aircraft while allowing the launch platform to stay out of range of any fighter jets that are escorting them. 600kg missile has a 60kg warhead and has an operational range of 150 to 350km and uses its semi-active and active radar homing for guidance.

Rudram-I has constant aerodynamic characteristics that are similar to Astra BVRAAM, Rudram-I also has added a range of over 200km that can be adapted as a Very long range air to air missile that will come in handy as a low-cost option to the Astra MkIII Varaint that it is under development.

Rudram-I is based on the Dual-Pulse Motor is 600kg and had a 55kg warhead and is relatively cheaper to manufacture as per the latest order and definitely will cost less than Astra MkIII which will have a more expensive Ramjet propulsion.

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