External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar speaking to Australian Media clarified Indian stand on the new trilateral security agreement between the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia to build nuclear-powered submarines using technology provided by the UK and the US after Indian security experts were in the split whether it benefits New Delhi or is detrimental to Indian interests.

India worked with other countries to block a resolution against AUKUS that was moved by China at the recent IAEA general conference. The nuclear attack submarine that Australia plans to build and operate in Indo-Pacific will help in tracking the Chinese navy in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) and countries like India and Australia must cooperate in putting together a security grid for the IOR that will mutually be beneficial to both in tackling the rise of China.

India is also working on the development of Nuclear attack submarines for its Navy but unlike Australia, India is not getting any direct technology from the UK and the US due to which it has to rely on Russia for its assistance in the development of this niche technology. India has set in motion plans to lease two Akula class nuclear attack submarines for 10 years that will play a crucial role not only to keep eye on the Chinese Navy in the IOR but also help Indian engineers and scientists work on Indian Nuclear attack submarines at its pace.

Western countries have been hard on India to detach itself from Russian weapons and have threatened sanctions in past for procuring Russian S-400 systems and Russian oil. India has explained why it continues to procure Russian systems but there is a high chance that leasing Akula submarines from Russia for approx 3 Billion each might be seen negatively and it is important that foreign services already start making attempts to get western diplomats on its side before the western press starts attacking India again.

Leasing two Akula class submarines are not only crucial for India’s security needs but also in its quest for developing six next-gen attack submarines for its Navy.

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