Indian Army is looking to procure a 1770 Future Ready Combat Vehicle (FRCV) that will replace the Indian Army’s fleet of Soviet-era T-72 tanks from 2030 onwards. FRCV is targeted for induction in 2030 but the technology sought under this program that has been linked with the mechanized infantry modernization plan requires no subtitle improvements over Arjun Mk-1A but some of the radical changes that mean it will be completely not based on the Arjun tank that includes much-criticized weight of the tank and completely different chassis.

Recently revealed Abrams X has been the United States’ primary tank since the mid-1980s, Over the years several modifications and improvements have been produced and Abrams X only shows its commitment to keep improving established products rather than go for a completely new design and a class of tank.

FRCV will be around 50 tonnes in weight which is nearly 15-17 tonnes less than what Arjun-MK1A is at present. Army also has a complicated wishlist for FRCV that includes a new 1500HP Power plant and other hosts of improvements that includes AI-Network centric warfare capability, improved night fighting capabilities, and a switch from the current rifle gun to the smoothbore gun as its main armament.

It has been specified in some media reports that Loitering ammunition are also been requested to be integrated into FRCV. loitering munitions could be very efficient weapons against tanks and armored vehicles as some can be designed to conduct anti-tank missions but such weapons are limited by the space that is available on the turret and can’t be the main armament of the tank.

These gradual changes could have easily been accommodated on the Arjun Mk2 variant that now has been canceled for the FRCV which will be a new tank that will take much more time to develop and complete its testing phase and it is unlikely new tank will be ready for production in only 7 years, even though Army is yet to issue its General Staff Qualitative Requirements (GSQRs) for the FRCV.

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