SOURCE: The Statesman

The Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) has again proved its mettle in manufacturing quality defence products which helped the Kolkata-based defence manufacturer to bag an order for exporting ammunitions to United States of America.

The OFB has announced that it received an export order to supply 5.56x45mm NATO M193 ball ammunition to the USA. The ammunition will be made at the Ordnance Factory Varagaon and will be supplied in the current financial year. OFB Sources told The Statesman that the ammunition is for “commercial and enforcement use in USA’s civil market.” It will export few million cartridges for the purpose.

The announcement comes at a time when questions were raised concerning the quality of ammunition manufactured by the defence giant under the Government of India.

“This order yet again proves compliance of products with international standards. OFB carries out 100 per cent input material inspection in accordance with Indian Standards, British Standards, Joint Services Specification and Military Standards,” said the source.

It was further highlighted that OFB follows an Intensified Simulated and Accelerated Test (B) which is approved by the Directorate General Quality Assurance (DGQA) and helps in assessing shelf life of ammunition. Moreover the ISAT (B) trial is carried out from the first production lot after bulk production clearance to the production agency.

Sources added that additionally, the system of early user exploitation from random samples from each manufactured lot of ammunition, introduced in December 2013, has shown a satisfaction level matching with international standards.

It is learnt that in the export range of products, the OFB exports arms and ammunitions, weapon spares, chemicals and explosives, parachutes, leather and clothing items to more than 30 countries world-wide. Some of the countries are Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Indonesia, Bangladesh etc. The OFB today announced that it has rolled out the first T-90 overhauled tank from its Heavy Vehicles Factory