The Gun carriage Factory Jabalpur that’s in charge of the production of the indigenously upgraded Dhanush artillery guns has failed to ship 36 guns as per delivery schedules that was to be done by end of 31st March 2021 and it is unlikely it will be able to deliver by end of 2021, more 40 guns that were planned for this fiscal year said a reliable source close to due to lockdown and slippage in the delivery schedule hit by the pandemic especially the MSME sector that contribute in the program.

In 2020, 18 gun regiment delivery was hit after the first wave lockdown in the country last year and only a few deliveries happened. 2021, was supposed to be the year when the production could hit 50 guns per year, and it’s not even hit half the mark, which means plans to deliver all 114 guns by the end of 2022 is highly unlikely now.

The army is holding back further orders for 400 more guns due to present production constraints at Gun carriage Factory Jabalpur, but things are improving and the present situation is better than last year. Dhanush is a 155 mm, 45-calibre towed artillery Gun with a range of 38km and has demonstrated a range of 38km with specialized ammunition.

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