Bangalore-based startup NewSpace Research and Technologies (NRT) developed a High-altitude multirotor drone that has achieved a new milestone record for the max altitude of 25,000 feet at max in-class demonstrated range with useful payload. Multirotor drones due to stronger wind conditions in high altitudes rarely operate over 10,000 ft mainly because air is increasingly thinner the higher you go, and there’s less and less force that can maintain its weight in the air (pushing against the propeller blades).

Certain experimental multirotor drones have demonstrated flights to an altitude of 33.000ft but never sustained range in this for long and were done on purpose only to achieve records. Consumer drones are allowed to fly up to 400ft to keep them away from incoming planes or helicopters.

Many Consumer drones have software limitation that limits flight at a certain height for safety reasons. multirotor drones adopted for High-altitude operations will be seen as a boost for the Indian military operations in areas close to the Line of Control (LOC) and Line of Actual Control (LAC).

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