LCA-Navy Mk1 NP5 Trainer has completed its fabrication and was recently moved from its assembly line to another section of the LCA-Division in HAL facility in the Bengaluru to commence Low and High-speed taxi trials before it is cleared for its first flight sometime later this month or next. NP-5 will be used as a Technology Demonstrator project for the Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF) program.

NP5 will be used to carry out off-nominal landing trials to study and collect data on the stress points on the landing gears that will be crucial for the development of landing gears for the TEDBF program that has been assigned to the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). NP1 and NP2 along with NP5 will be used to further collect data for the development of TEDBF.

In off-nominal landing trials, aircraft will mimic bad weather conditions that could affect aircraft while coming for landing on the decks of the aircraft carrier in adverse sea conditions. effects of such landings and stress of such landings on the rear fuselage and the landing gears are important to study stress points and design changes that could be required for the aircraft to last its operational lifespan.

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