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Revelation emerged that, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and other Sikh Canadians have been alerted to potential threats against their lives, adding a layer of complexity to the already contentious circumstances.

During testimony before the Hogue commission, campaign operatives from various political parties shed light on their encounters with state interference during recent federal election campaigns. Among the allegations was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s assertion linking the Indian government to Nijjar’s assassination. However, Trudeau’s claims have lacked substantiation, leaving many questions unanswered and tensions heightened within the Sikh community.

Trudeau’s narrative implicating India in the assassination has stirred significant controversy. Despite the absence of concrete evidence, selective leaks to Canadian media outlets have fueled speculation, exacerbating the situation. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) investigation into Nijjar’s death has seemingly reached an impasse, with no arrests made and little progress reported.

As the investigation unfolds, Pro-Khalistani stakeholders are trying to exploit the situation for political gain and for propagate divisive narratives. RCMP has failed to answer about its failure to provide concreate evidence against India but has been selectively leaking information about the case to media without raising any eyebrows in Canadian Parliament.