Recently Unidentified gunmen attacked a vehicle carrying security forces, killing two personnel of the Pakistan Navy and injuring another in the coastal district of Gwadar in the restive Baluchistan province. 2020 for Pakistani security forces particularly has not been a good year and according to the Indian analysts Ronsek18 (Twitter id@RS1500000) who monitors casualties in Pakistani security forces, has said that in 2020 alone, Pakistani security forces suffered 335 combat casualties, out of which only 48 were due to Indian firings at the Pakistani posts at the Line of Control (LOC).

While many in India rushed to claim that it was Chinese disengagement on Line of Actual Control (LAC) near eastern Ladakh, that might have prompted the Indian and Pakistani Army to reconsider plans to ceasefire truce over Line of Control (LOC) and many have jumped their gun and even credited recent LOC truce to the new administration in Washington, which many American based geopolitical experts have dismissed it out rightly. What many failed in India to notice is the rising turmoil within Pakistan that might have something to do with the Pakistan Army’s change of heart, after being quite vocal in its instance against India, after India abolished semi-autonomous special powers to the Indian side of Jammu and Kashmir.

Indian geopolitical analysts usually fail to understand that the Pakistani establishment is not bound by any Pakistani laws and Parliament to disclose causalities that it suffers with India or with its country. Casualties that do happen are usually limited to local area Facebook pages or media units that never make it to the Pakistani national media unless allowed by the notorious Pakistani Inter-Services Public Relations. Ronsek18 confirmed that over 70% of the casualties in 2020 were never announced by ISPR, the only way to confirm such hidden casualties is to regularly monitor only local media covering the process of the burial of the fatalities at the local village that confirms, where and when it had happened.

Pakistani security forces suffered nearly 3 times more fatalities due to internal turmoil in restive Baluchistan province and the mountainous region of Waziristan and whatever we have seen in 2021 only shows that this area will continue to be restive and will continue to contribute to most of the fatalities for the Pakistani security forces in 2021, will come from these areas alone and not from India along Line of Control (LOC). If was Pakistani Army chief I could have liked to keep at least one front silent so that focus is not divided over two fronts said defense analysts Ranesh Rajan to, this is what exactly Bajwa did and should not be taken as some great gesture of the Pakistani establishment, especially peaceniks in India who are already jumping the guns and are even reporting about possible Modi visit to Pakistan later this year to attend SAARC Summit in Islamabad.

Pakistani media is trying to spin the truce at LOC as a great gesture done by the Pakistani Army to reduce casualties among villagers in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) due to the Indian Army firing, but in reality, the Pakistani Army asked for a truce so that it can focus on restive Baluchistan province and the mountainous region of Waziristan for time being till it can get things under control when it does achieve it, it will be back to business for the Pakistani Army along Line of Control (LOC) where it often breaks ceasefire to air infiltration of Pakistani trained terrorists inside the Indian side of the Kashmir.

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