Former Air Chief Marshal (ACM) Arup Raha while delivering a talk in ” The Chanakya Dialogues” created a storm in the teacup when he advocated that the Indian Air Force under the guidance of the Strategic Forces Command (SFC) should have a squadron of Strategic bomber aircraft for delivering a nuclear payload to reduce stress on existing fighter bomber aircraft that are not always best platforms to deliver nukes.

In the same event later Raha clarified that he is unaware of any negotiation that might be taking place to acquire six Tu-160 Strategic bomber aircraft on lease from Russia.

Defense analyst Bharat Karnad who was in the event was the one who had asked this question to Raha if he was aware of India negotiating for Tu-160 with Russia in this event Raha later in his report claimed that India indeed was negotiating with Russia to acquire six TU-160 Strategic bomber aircraft on lease from Russia which is not officially acknowledged by any Government or Indian Air Force official.

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