Chairman and Managing Director of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd R Madhavan have said that as far as LCA is concerned there are no Russian parts as such except one part which comes from Ukraine that we have an alternative source available also for us, so it should not affect the LCA production line so other than there is nothing Russian in LCA, so that should not be a matter of concern for us.

Madhavan confirmed that the LCA-Tejas Mk1A delivery kicks in only from 2024 onwards and will be concluded in the next six years. He also said that 5% of the profits are now put into design and indigenization activities so that lot of items that come from abroad for LCA-Tejas can be indigenized every year so to meet indigenization targets and to be less dependent on foreign sources for any of these materials.

Madhavan confirmed that Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Egypt have been offered LCA-Tejas jets and local production in Egypt has been done keeping interested that it might generate from the MENA that is Middle East and North African countries who are also looking for jets but in smaller numbers and Egyptian facility might be used to meet such demands for this region.

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