SOURCE:  Nagaland Post

The Border Security Force on Friday said there is “no input” about the presence of camps of Indian insurgent groups from Northeast in Bangladesh. “As per the Bangladesh Border Guards, there are no (NE-based militant outfit) camps in Bangladesh,” Inspector General of BSF, Meghalaya Frontier, Hardeep Singh said.

“… efforts (locating anti-nationals) are on, not just by the BSF, but also other agencies. We are making all efforts to find out where they are and what they are planning,” Singh told reporters.

Replying to a query on whether the outlawed Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) is active or has its camps in Bangladesh, the top BSF official said: “We have no specific inputs and unless we have inputs we can’t say…”

In fact, the Meghalaya police have also reiterated that the HNLC’s support base has dwindled over the years. With the Bangladeshi security forces carrying out operations against northeast militant organizations operating from its soil, Singh’s statement assumes significance.

 The HNLC, which runs hit-and-run operations from its hideout in Bangladesh, has been demanding a sovereign Hynniewtrep homeland in Meghalaya.

Meghalaya shares a 443 km long border with Bangladesh, part of which is porous, hilly and unfenced and prone to frequent infiltrations.

On the recent killing of a Meghalaya citizen by BGB troopers and a killing of a Bangladeshi smuggler by BSF in the border, Singh said that the BSF had no role in the killing of a Bangladeshi national whereas the BSF has also lodged a complaint with BGB about the killing of an Indian citizen.

 “I am hoping that we will keep the border peaceful and we are still investigating as to how the Indian citizen was killed, ” Singh said.

When asked about the increasing instances of Bangladeshi criminals intruding inside Indian territory and assaulting Indian citizens, Singh said that the BSF has increased its surveillance along the border and a strong protest has also been lodged with the BGB.

“Our prime duty this year is to control crime in the border and we will continue to have a good relationship with BGB,” he added.

Meanwhile, Singh added that 70 per cent of the fencing work in this sector has been completed in the Meghalaya sector. He said the work to fence the remaining 30 percent is being undertaken and the land acquisition process is on.

In some areas clearance is being sought from BGB to construct the fence as some NGOs from Khasi-Jaintia Hills want the fence to come up from zero line.