The Czech Republic has temporarily put on hold the extradition proceedings of Nikhil Gupta, an Indian national accused of involvement in a plot to assassinate Khalistan separatist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, according to Czech Justice Ministry spokesperson Vladimir Repka.

Gupta, indicted by the US, faces charges related to the alleged assassination attempt that was thwarted in 2023. However, his extradition has hit a roadblock after he appealed to the country’s Constitutional Court to prevent his transfer to the US.

“Extradition proceedings are suspended until the Constitutional Court decides on the Constitutional complaint,” Repka confirmed.

This development follows a series of legal maneuvers in the case. Initially, a lower court in Prague approved Gupta’s extradition in November 2023. He subsequently appealed to the High Court, which upheld the earlier decision in January 2024. Undeterred, Gupta then approached the Constitutional Court, leading to the current suspension.

The specifics of Gupta’s Constitutional complaint remain undisclosed. However, it likely raises concerns regarding the legality or fairness of his potential extradition. It is crucial to note that this temporary halt does not guarantee Gupta will evade extradition altogether. The Constitutional Court’s ruling will hold significant weight in determining the case’s future trajectory.

This ongoing saga highlights the complexities of international extradition processes, often involving various legal challenges and considerations around human rights and due process. The final outcome of Gupta’s case will be closely watched by authorities in both the US and India, as well as those following the developments surrounding the alleged assassination plot.