The latest Video probably shot in early May shows, Indian Army and Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBPF) personals damaging PLA’s Dongfeng 4×4 Light Tactical Vehicle and holding one of the regular PLA personal to the ground. In the video, Indian forces can be heard saying ” Beat them ” in Hindi and Dongfeng CSK131 which comes equipped with digital map software, and Beidou satellite communication and positioning system were seen being damaged by the Indian forces.

Contrary to some reports in Indian media that, which claim they that Chinese PLA Troops are sitting 3km inside the Indian side of the LAC, Latest Satellite images acquired by the Multiple OSINT Community does confirm that PLA Troops are sitting near LAC on their side and not on the Indian side.

Above Satellite images shows ” Buffer Zone ” which are claimed by both and patrolled by both sides. Can see the claimed areas, the controlled areas, bases, and the new de facto border on the finger 4 area. Chinese PLA Troops want India to stop road building activities at the Indian side so that Indian troops won’t be able to move inside areas that Chinese claims as to their own in case of war on other fronts. Video has been geo-tagged and video is from finger 4 and Finger 5 East of ITBPF Positions in the area.

Anti-Government Veterans and Pakistani bots have been spreading disinformation of the positions on the PLA Troops in the LAC. People with a better understanding of the LAC positions have dismissed any intrusion inside Indian areas, Both Armies are camping near LAC to prevent each other from intruding and both have reinforced with additional manpower and in another video, two IAF’s Mirage-2000 was seen flying CAP missions over the disputed areas of Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh after Chinese PLAAF Su-27 was sported earlier in the day in the same area.

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