The people of Jammu and Kashmir living near the Line of Control have recently appeared to be quite happy with the order of the Lieutenant Governor’s administration, according to which the officials of all departments have been directed to inform the General Administration Department as soon as possible and submit a report regarding the placement of the employees who are recruited under the backward category and current line of control category.

It is worth noting that the government has declared the areas of Jammu and Kashmir as backward areas and the residents of these areas are given concessions in employment. Employing residents of the current line of control in this manner is intended to provide convenience to local people, however, people in these areas believe that people take advantage of concessions to gain employment and influence and then move to cities or towns which defeats the very purpose of the concession. Employees recruited in this manner are legally required to be posted in service for seven years in these areas.

Idris Bakhtiar, a resident of Surhi Tehsil, Uri, says that most of the employees who get jobs under this program in these backward areas use their influence to hold their desired positions, as a result of which the local population is suffering from unresolved problems. He said that due to the lack of staff in most of the offices, the people of these areas have to travel long distances even for minor work. Idris further said that with this new order of the authorities, he is fully convinced that now there will be reforms on the ground level and the treatment of the tribals living in these backward areas will be improved.

The government has sought a list and details of whether these employees have completed the prescribed seven years of service in backward areas or areas under the current Line of Control. According to the administration, the employees who have not completed seven years of service in these areas have to be posted there and complete the period after which they will be transferred from there.

LG Manoj Sinha’s decision has been appreciated by the people of the backward areas and the actual Line of Control. This decision has raised the hopes of all affected people that their problems will now be solved.