The national capital was supposed to get a multi-layered missile defense system after Washington agreed to supply an integrated air defense weapon system (IADWS) to New Delhi for USD 1.86 billion known as the NASAMS II. National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System-II (NASAMS-II), a network-centric short to medium range ground-based air defense system, was supposed to be part of the overall air defense shield for the national capital that included the indigenous Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) shield.

But the procurement of NASAMS-II was vehemently opposed both by State-owned DRDO and Indian Air Force (IAF) who backed indigenously developed surface-to-air missile system instead. has been informed that both IAF and DRDO are in talks for the possible development of a NASAMS-II-type Desi missile shield based on the Dual-use missile that will have the capability to protect several areas and high-value assets separated by large distances, in and around National Capital.

Vertical Launch Short Range Surface to Air Missile (VL-SRSAM) that underwent two successful launches recently is one of the missiles that will be part of the Network Centric Short to Medium Range Ground-based Air Defence System. IAF and DRDO are discussing using other Dual-use air-to-air missile systems like Astra Mk2/Mk3 and Astra-IR that are still under development that might be part of the proposed canister launcher-based Ground-based Air Defence System.
In a well-crafted statement by DRDO after two successful launches of the VL-SRSAM, it was clear that the missile system that was launched using a makeshift missile mount unit was designed and developed to meet the requirements of the Indian Navy. further tests will be conducted from the frontline warships next, with no mention of the air force variant that was proposed.

NASAMS-II-type Desi missile shield unit will require further development of canister launchers, an active 3D radar, passive electro-optical and infrared sensor, and a command post to become a highly mobile system designed with a focus on operational flexibility for protection against UAVs, Helicopters, Cruise Missiles, UCAVs, Aircraft.
NASAMS-II-type Desi missile shield will also be the desired configuration to be used for o protect several areas and high-value assets separated by large distances, not only in the national capital but also for the protection of Air Bases, Sea Ports, Populated Areas, other High-Value Assets of Armed Forces said informed source close to

Once the configuration of the missile shield is confirmed and accepted by both IAF and DRDO later financially cleared by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), it should be ready in the next 3-4 years. The use of Dual-use air-to-air missile systems like VL-SRSAM, Astra Mk2/Mk3, and Astra-IR will have their operational advantages that also reduce logistics cost. Air force and DRDO are looking at having at least 3 missile systems that will include VL-SRSAM and Astra IR and a third one.

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