As soon as the video of SWiFT completing its first flight went viral, so-called defense experts from across the border tried to mock it as just a Radio-controlled (RC) model airplane that is often built by serious hobbyists from a kit or completely from scratch. While the meltdown was on expected lines but such a poor level of jibes on the SWiFT also exposed how satellite antenna mechanics are masquerading as strategic experts affairs just to take a dig at arrivals and why they are completely wrong.

First of all, even the biggest Radio-controlled (RC) model airplane weighs just around 140-150kg while some are powered by jet engines and some by electric motors that can generate enough thrust to lift them in the air but the flight time is often just 8-10 minutes at most. Construction of RC model air place is usually made using Balsa Wood, Carbon Fiber, Polystyrene Foam, and Plastics to keep material cost low and plane light but even with low-cost investment price of big RC plane rage from $8000 to 20000 dollars.

Other components like Landing Gears are too made from Carbon Fiber that can’t even take heavy landing most of the time. While some of the RC airplane models especially ones that are based on military aircraft simply do not hold enough power nor have the capabilities to carry any payload over basic instrumentation for controls.

Now coming back to SWiFT, it near has a max take-off weight of near 1 ton which is more than the weight of the Bayraktar TB2 (650kg) Class Armed Uav, which definitely can’t be called an RC plane toy, and with landing gears that are were specially designed to support this weight and full airframe made of full Carbon fiber composites which are powered by Russian engine that was used to power first batch of Nirbhay cruise missiles with a range of 1000km.

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