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Jayadeva E.P, Director (Operations) at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) at the Investor meeting said that once HAL and the Indian Air Force (IAF) finalize equipment and systems that will be upgraded on 150 units of Sukhoi-30MKI, HAL will approach Russia for its approvals to the Super Sukhoi program since it is the OEM of the product and many components and spares still come from Russia.

Jayadeva confirmed that Sukhoi-30MKI will be getting largely Indian-made systems like AESA Fire Control Radar developed by DRDO’s LRDE, New Mission Computers, Upgraded Cockpit by HAL, New IRST system from BEL, and several other systems like LRUs from Indian vendors, while it is still depended on Russia for some components for its engines.

HAL and IAF have confirmed that Russia has been able to maintain the pre-sanction era level of supply of spares for India’s Su-30 fleet even though Payments have been held up due to western sanctions on the Russian banks. Jayadeva said clearance of pending payment will be worked out soon with Russians after talks with them next month.

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