SOURCE: MANJUNATH REDDY/ FOR MY TAKE / IDRW.ORG Eurofighter Consortium might not like what is happening in India to Dassault Aviation in the purchase of 36 Rafale jet from the company where opposition alleges scam and the present government is now openly saying that corporate rivals who might have cut a deal with the opposition might be actually helping them keep the matter alive after Supreme court of India recently gave clean sheet to the Government on the procurement of 36 jets.

Defence Minister and Finance minister in recent times have made direct reference to Eurofighter Typhoon and hinted at a possible corporate deal with the opposition while hitting back at them. Eurofighter Consortium continues to maintain a deadly silence over the allegation of their involvement in a tug of war which has erupted between current government and opposition but their continued silence can cost them, dear. Eurofighter Typhoon is participating in IAF’s latest fighter tender for 114 jets but has not carried out high pitch sales promotion in India even though it had emerged as L2 bidder in now scrapped MMRCA Tender and was only second jet after Dassault Rafale which had met all technical requirements set by the Indian air force.

Post elections if NDA-3 makes a comeback then it will be very difficult for Eurofighter Consortium to have any shot at winning the tender unless they can undercut Dassault Aviation by a high margin and offer ToT (Transfer of Technology ) for even sensitive technologies which no corporate house will ever agree to in the first place.

Eurofighter Consortium already looks defeated and even if UPA-3 makes a comeback, any orders for Eurofighter Typhoons will only cement the suspicions which current government has been fueling. IAF, on the other hand, will like the government to stay focus on procurement of additional Dassault Rafale with recent tender and will not like to procure another type of aircraft which will only make their job much harder.

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