National Cadet Corps (NCC) training should be made compulsory in schools and colleges but not free of cost, said NCC DG Lieutenant General Tarun Kumar Aich on Friday. He also shared his two cents on the enrollment of transgenders into the NCC.

While speaking to media, Lt Gen Aich said he would welcome the decision to make the NCC training compulsory in schools and colleges but the financial burden of it will have to be kept in mind too.

“There is no dearth of youth in our country but it’s (NCC) not sustainable economically to be run as a free institution,” he added.

When asked about the petition in the Kerala High Court regarding the entry of transgenders into the NCC, Lt Gen Aich said, “We follow rules which govern our intake and presently only male and female are classified as genders.”

“We don’t have the clause to enrol a ‘transgender’. I can’t comment if it can happen or not, it’s a decision that has to be taken at the apex level,” said the NCC chief.

BJD welcomes NCC chief’s suggestion

Biju Janta Dal (BJD) Rajya Sabha MP and party’s national spokesperson Prasanna Acharya welcomed the suggestion made by NCC DG Lt Gen Tarun Kumar Aich that NCC training can be made compulsory in schools and colleges to instil discipline among youths of the country.

Prasanna Acharya told media, “I completely agree with this view that there should be compulsory NCC training in schools and colleges. Because first of all, it brings a sense of discipline among the younger generation, among the school students and among the college students. Besides, it should be an essential characteristic to build up the nation.”

Without instilling discipline how can you “build a nation?” the BJD spokesperson asked.

“How can you prepare your younger generation to shoulder the responsibility in the future? I think it is a positive suggestion and irrespective of financial consideration, it should be implemented,” Prasanna Acharya said.