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Indian Navy is unlikely to drop plans to procure six next-gen Diesel-electric submarines under Project-75I even though it considering procuring 2-3 additional Kalvari class submarines owing due to delays in the Project-75I and due to the proposed retirement of Shishumar-class submarines by the turn of this decade. has been told that, while the last date of the bid has been postponed due to a lack of contenders in the tender to August this year, the Navy is considering dropping the mandated clause of having an operational Fuel Cell based Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) System so that more shipbuilders can send their bid.

France and Russia had opted out of Project-75I since both didn’t have operational and tested Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) Systems. The Navy is keen that at least it has an offer for four or more submarines under Project-75I. Presently only the Korean bid meets all the criteria, while the German bid also met the criteria, Germany ThyssenKrupp Marine System is not keen to participate due to stringent ToT and Work/ Quality Liability clause.

To break this single vendor situation, the Navy is unlikely to give any leeway in the stringent ToT and Work/ Quality Liability clause but might remove the mandated operational AIP System clause to encourage more participants.

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