Top Brass of the Indian Navy will be approaching Finance Division in the Ministry of Defence to seek special provisions in the next year’s Navy budget that can be used to kick start pre-phase-I activities to develop a second indigenous aircraft carrier for the Indian Navy. Warship Design Bureau if approved will be getting seed money to progress upon design and development of a new aircraft carrier as full-fledged program funding will take time. has been told that the Indian Navy is adamant that a Second indigenous aircraft carrier is necessary since by 2030 it is expected that China will deploy an aircraft carrier group dedicated only to the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) and the Indian Navy will require Three aircraft carrier battle groups to counter any misadventures of the Chinese Navy in the region.

Indian Navy is not keen on inducting another 45000-T Aircraft carrier and now is seeking the development of a 65000-T aircraft carrier that can accommodate more deck-based fighter jets.

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