The French company, Naval Group India will be participating in the 12th edition of DEFEXPO, the land, naval & homeland security systems exhibition in Gandhinagar starting next week where it is keen to showcase and offer its F21 Heavyweight Torpedo for the Kalvari-Class submarine fleet and also will be showcasing its latest submarine scale models.

Naval Group will be displaying. 3200-ton SMX31E submarine concept, which the company claims is a smart ship that can be used to gain superiority in future underwater battlefields. SMX31E can remain submerged for months thanks to the high energy capacities and efficient energy management system. SMX31E using advanced artificial intelligence technology can monitor areas 10 times larger than today with the same efficiency.

Naval Group also will be displaying French fast attack (SSN) Barracuda submarine, design of which has been offered to meet Indian Navy’s SSN requirements for which French have offered open collaboration and Transfer of technology on conventional systems and parts.

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