India’s premier defense research agency, Defence Research, and Development Organisation (DRDO) along with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) have commenced integration activities of the Naval Anti-Ship Missile Short Range (NASM-SR) on a Seaking 42B loaned from the Indian Navy to carry out developmental trials of the new missiles under development.

Unveiled at the DefExpo 2020, Work on the development of the missile system started in 2017 with funding of 434.6 crores. NASM-SR is a 380 kg Air launched Naval Anti-Ship Missile that has an IIR seeker and has a 100kg warhead that can be launched from Naval Helicopters to neutralize small to a medium class of ships and patrol boats.

NASM-SR has a range of 5-55km and is a sub-sonic missile system that can launch from 91 meters to 3 km. DRDO reportedly is also working on the development of NASM-ER which has a range of nearly 150km and can be launched from Naval fighter jets and Naval Maritime Patrol aircraft and Helicopters.

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