A Twitter user (sarab@sarabpal_singh) has posted an image of a scale model displayed by the DRDO at a local exhibition which could be the first instance of proof of the existence of the 90’s Mythical Surya Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) each with multiple nuclear warheads. CIA in its report on India’s ballistic missile development for the first time had mentioned that India plans to use the lower stage of its PSLV Satttleite launch vehicle to develop an ICBM that will be capable to hit a target over 8000 km in the mid-’90s.

DRDO never confirmed or denied the existence of such ICBM but the Surya ICBM due to media coverage attended mythical status even though over the years Agni missile family created long-range missile which was capable of hitting both target deep in Pakistan and China.

Displayed scale model as seen in the picture, looks like a three-stage rocket, each stage containing a solid-fuel rocket motor. 3rd stage nose fairing shields is where it gets interesting, Surya ICBM of 90’s never could have Multiple Re-Entry Vehicle or MRV configuration so it looks like the scaled model of Surya was that of a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), where 3rd stage nose fairing was equipped with MIRV platform and third-stage motor.

DRDO has been working on the development of K-5 SLBM which will have a range of over 5500 km but the first SLBM with MIRV warheads only will be K-6 SLBM which will have a range of 8000 km which is still pending developmental approvals. India has developed K-15 (800km) and K-4 (3500km) SLBMs for its Arihant-class Nuclear powered ballistic missile Submarine and K-5 and K-6 are to be equipped on the S4 and S4* extended class of Arihant-class Nuclear powered ballistic missile Submarine which is under development. India is also planning to develop a new class of Six S-5 Submarine fleet after induction of S4 and S4* class submarines.

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