The upcoming fighter jet will no longer be called as Medium Weight Fighter (MWF) or as Tejas MkII Internally anymore and soon IAF and ADA will propose a New Project name for the aircraft so that it is not associated with the LCA-Tejas Program due to incremental additional capabilities the aircraft will come with.

ADA and MOD are still calling upcoming fighter jet in Medium Class as Tejas MkII in its Internal documents since original Mk2 program started as a re-engineering program for the Tejas Mk1 aircraft with a more powerful engine and since that has been dropped and a new design with higher weapons and combat range capabilities have been approved, it no longer can be called as Tejas Mk2 or LCA anymore.

Last Year in Aero India 2019, when the Scale model of the upcoming fighter was showcased it had Medium Weight Fighter (MWF) and Tejas MkII all over it and IAF plans to have a new name before the program takes off and it is likely by year-end a new name will be adopted.


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