Astroborne Aerospace, a Mumbai-based company with its sights set on the cosmos, is in negotiations with the Maharashtra government to secure a 4-acre plot in Navi Mumbai. This land could become the foundation for Asia’s first private astronaut training facility, marking a giant leap for India’s space ambitions.

The proposed facility, envisioned to be operational within 18-24 months of land acquisition, aims to cater to a diverse clientele: private astronauts, government personnel, and even space enthusiasts. This training center will equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to embark on suborbital space tourism missions.

Astroborne’s ambitions extend beyond astronaut training. They are also developing “Airawat”, India’s first six-seater commercial space module specifically designed for suborbital space tourism. This innovative module promises to carry passengers to altitudes of up to 400km, offering them a glimpse of the curvature of Earth and the vastness of space.

This project highlights India’s growing presence in the burgeoning space tourism industry. By establishing a dedicated training facility and developing its own space vehicle, Astroborne is poised to play a significant role in democratizing access to space and fostering India’s space exploration endeavors.