India recently tested Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Missile (MRSAM) which, was jointly developed between India and Isreal. MRSAM Air Defence Missile System tested was a fully integrated production missile system that was developed for the Indian Army and it also for the first time showcased Mobile Container design for a Canister missile system probably a first time for an air defense system anywhere in the world.

As can be seen from the above images, the Cannister system of the missile system is covered from all sides with a metal protection cover, even on the top of the missile system so that it can be moved and stored without arousing suspicion. Such Mobile Container design for a canister-based missile system is usually seen in IRBMs and even in the Rocket Artillery system in some countries that in turn is used to render pre-emptive strikes against such launchers very difficult to be sported and identified.

MRSAM for Indian Army is designed not only to protect vital static Army installations but can also double up as a long-range Air defense system that can move with Strike formations deep inside enemy areas. QRSAM Air Defense system for Army will move with the forward Strike formations while the MRSAM due to its long-range Interception range will move little behind, but both missile system when deployed, will be able to talk to each other so that the best missile can be used to intercept a hostile target.

MRSAM Army version is more mobile as it moves away from Airforce variants 18-Wheel Box Trailer Truck configuration to 10×2 Truck that has better mobility and offers better speed for faster movements. MRSAM 18-Wheel Box Trailer Truck configuration is designed to be installed at stationery valued military installations like airbase and radar stations so the movement of this missile system is not so important, while Army required much more mobile truck-based missile system that can be stationed and removed whenever required among civilian traffic while in the country but also is used for providing aerial protection for strike formations.

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