The first S-400 air-defense missile has been deployed at the forward air force base in Punjab that will be providing security bubble and will go operational in February as India will continue to take delivery of more S-400 air-defense missile squadrons, According to times now, India is considering the purchase of additional S-400 or the newer S-500 squadrons.

India was the first country that has been offered S-500 air-defense missiles by Russia and has assured that they won’t be selling them to China which will come as a massive boost for India and Russia’s ties. S-400 deliveries to India will be completed in 2023 but deliveries of additional S-400 systems if ordered in 2022 will start coming only in 2025 due to which India needs to decide quickly if it wants to procure more S-400 systems or procure S-500 systems so that it does affect its delivery schedule.

S-500 air-defense missiles bring an incremental boost to the existing S-400 systems that have the capability of targeting hypersonic missiles, thus giving them an edge over S-400 systems. The S-500 system is also finetuned to intercept Stealth fighter jets and can target ballistic missiles from a distance of around 600 km.

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