According to sources close to, Kalyani Group also has manufactured 5 Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) 155 mm/52 howitzer ordered by the Indian Army to continue its User Trials and they will likely be delivered soon to the Army. New Guns have minor modifications after taking feedback from the Indian Army hinting that the new guns will be lighter than the older Prototypes manufactured in 2017-18.

ATAGS weighs in at 17-18 tonnes which is higher then what the Indian Army could like to have but ATAGS offers a longer range than its contemporaries due to a six-round magazine chamber of 25 liters instead of a standard three-round magazine of 23 liters due to which the gun weighs slightly more than normal due to the larger chamber size. Kalyani Group has offered to use lighter metal like special alloys and Titanium components in some sections to reduce the weight but it is also expected that the price of the gun will also shoot up.

Indian Army is yet to take a call on the weight of the production variant of the ATAGS but it is expected that a monkey balancing act will be done not to sacrifice the range due to higher weight.

Indian Army has placed orders for limited scale production of just 10 ATAGS for its developmental and user trials over Tata Power manufactured ‘G1’ prototype and Kalyani Group ‘G2’ prototype which is been used by the Indian Army for trials. One of two howitzer prototypes, either Tata Power’s G1 or Bharat Forge’s G2, is expected to be shortlisted for procurement based on performance and commercial bids.

Winning L1 Bid will be awarded a contract to build 107 of the 150 ATAGSs while the runner-up will be allowed to manufacture the remaining 43 guns initially but in total order will be close to 2000 guns over 800 Dhanush Guns.

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