Much hyped All-Party Meeting that included Fourteen mainstream Jammu and Kashmir leaders from eight political parties, went on for three hours long had little to do with the restoration of the special status under Article 370 and more of the what Modi Government is planning to do inside Kashmir and things to come that will complete integration of the troubled Muslim majority region into India.

Prime minister Modi and his trusted second-in-command Home Minister Amit shah mostly listened to the issues that were brought by attendees of these parties and agreed to 5 major demands that were proposed by these parties to the center but at the end when they did spoke they in a way confirmed that this political parties will need to behave before it will announce assembly elections in the Union Territory and grant of statehood will depend on the results of this process.

PM Modi said statehood would be restored “at an appropriate time”, but the message is clear that will depend on the Political parties of the J&K, it could happen in a year or in 2 years that will depend on how these Political parties will be able to keep their supporters and people they represent in check for any anti-India activities.

PM Modi was also clear that NIA and CBI will continue to target those individuals who are involved in Terror financing and have become part of the larger Pakistan-backed conflict economy in the Kashmir region, that involves separatist organizations like Hurriyat or mainstream political parties that have been involved in conflict economy in Kashmir.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah also confirmed no talks with any country will be held on Kashmir, thus negating demands by former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti that wanted talks with Pakistan held to discuss Kashmir issue. Omar Abdullah of the National Conference speaking to media later admitted that asking for restoration of Article 370 from the present Modi Government was useless as the fight will now take place in the Indian Supreme Court.

It’s clear now, PM Modi has asked for cooperation in the delimitation or the redrawing of assembly constituencies to enable elections, any resistance to delimitation exercise will mean elections won’t be held soon that will further impact the restoration of the statehood demand. The seven-party Gupkar alliance wanted delimitation postponed to 2026, then they were reminded that even elections will be postponed to 2026 if they remain rugged on their demands, clearly the adoption of the carrot and sticks policy on Kashmir has happened and news of India being under foreign pressure for early resolution on the Kashmir seems to be just a hoax.

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