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The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is considering requests from many Private sector companies in India that are looking to develop MALE and SRUAV Class UAVs in the country to avoid repetition of work and reduce importing subsystems, DRDO that has developed some of the technology for the UAVs system might be asked to share it with the local private sector companies.

Development of Subsystems like landing gears, turboprop engines, Autonomous Drone Landing & Takeoff Systems, and Ground control stations (GCS) can be time-consuming and if shared by DRDO will reduce the developmental time for locally made UAVs for the Indian Armed Forces and cater to export markets.

DRDO has been sharing Transfer of Technology (ToT) for royalty for a while now of other systems and the same model might be adopted for UAV technology also. In DefExpo 2022, many Indian companies have shown interest in developing MALE and SRUAV Class UAVs in the country for the Indian Armed Forces and many are at the proposals stage under the Make In India 2 standard where manufacturers fund the program.

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