RSK MiG Corporation is offering India it’s Mikoyan MiG-35 fighter jet with a new AESA radar which was unveiled for the first time at MAKS 2019 international air show. Phazotron-NIIR Zhuk-AME AESA radar started test flights on a demo aircraft in early 2019 and currently still going through airborne trials but the production clearance is likely to be secured only by end of 2021 said informed sources close to

AESA radar has extended detection range of over 160-180km for a fighter size aircraft which can track 30 and engage 6 targets at the same time. Zhuk-AME has time before failure [TBF] rate of no less than 500-600 hours, which is quite an improvement over legacy Radar which came with the original Mig-29A procured by IAF in the early 80s now upgraded to Mig-29UPG Standard.

RSK MiG Corporation also said that new Mig-35 on offer to India will also feature an upgraded electronic warfare system and will be equipped for the first time in any Russian made fighter jet a new automatic control system which will enhance flight safety in adverse weather environments and conditions, which brings it at par with other 4.5++ Generation fighter jets in the competition in India.

Mig-35 on offer to India will be vastly superior to what has been ordered by the Russian Federation of the Mig-35 for its air force. IAF is currently negotiating for the purchase of 21 MiG 29UPG with Russia to stop the decline of its fighter jet fleet due to retirement and stuck modernization plan.

MiG 29UPG is fitted with N010M Zhuk ME Radar that gives it a detection range up to 120km and can track 10 aerial threats at once and can engage 4 simultaneously. Zhuk-AME AESA is an export variant of Zhuk-AM AESA Radar which was first displayed in 2016.

Mig-35 has a superior range and higher weapons carrying capacity than the MiG 29UPG currently in service with the IAF. RSK MiG Corporation feels that with added features Mig-35 has a good chance to win the tender to supply 114 jets for the Indian air force.

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