Indian Air Force (IAF) and Indian Navy are working out Mega billion-dollar defense deals worth $25 Billion that are under pipeline or close to either being negotiated or are close to being signed in the coming months as the Indian Government plans to convert most of this pending purchase proposals into contracts in 2022. As per defense sources close to, much-waited talks for 36 additional Dassault Rafale is already underway with France for its F4 Standard variant that is much more advance than the present F3-R standard that could see deliveries starting from 2026 onwards.

IAF proposals for six additional C-130J Tactical Transporters too could be cleared and come as a welcome boost to the existing fleet of 12 aircraft. Talks with Lockheed Martin are already underway and these platforms will likely become the testbed for the Air-Launched Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (ALUAV) program and also be the first to be used as airborne signals intelligence system that later will also be incorporated into the rest of the fleet.

The Indian government will also clear a long-pending proposal for acquiring two U.S made ISTAR (Intelligence Surveillance Targeting and Reconnaissance) battlefield and ground surveillance aircraft platforms mounted on the Bombardier Global Express business jet. DRDO will be supplying 4 more ISTAR platforms based on the Bombardier that will be based on the locally developed sensors and radars at the later stages.

Indian Navy will ink purchase of 6 P-8I Neptune maritime patrol aircraft that already have been cleared under the FMS program, in May 2021, at an estimated cost of $ 2.42 billion. Indian Navy already operates 10 P-8I maritime patrol aircraft and Six additional P-8I that will be near-identical but with much-improved communications systems.

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