Terror groups in Pakistani and in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) strongly denounced the Indian authorities for not handing over the bodies of the martyred Kashmiri youth to their families for proper burial. Indian Army recently had buried two terrorists in unmarked graves in Northern Kashmir but the family of one of the local terrorists killed showed up to claim his body even though the family was not informed about his death.

Brother of alleged dead Kashmiri terrorists has claimed that his brother had made the last call to him amid encounter with the Indian security forces to say goodbye and he believes it was he who was killed that day in the encounter still Army refused to hand over his body and refused to let him look at the body for verification.

Sources close to believe that family might have been denied due body due to the pandemic situation in the valley and anticipated large funeral procession by local underground workers of the terror groups in the valley which could spread the contagious Chinese virus.

It’s common to see the large funeral procession of dead local terrorists who are seen as martyred for a cause in the Valley and long Indian security experts have asked Indian military to avoid giving bodies of the dead terrorists to the family who usually flaunt their son becoming rebel against security forces as some kind of status symbol in the community. Many times such large scale funeral procession also becomes a recruitment ground for terror groups.

Indian military Sources close to said that It’s always the Indian judiciary which steps in when we deny giving bodies to the families he also listed out many instances when local courts issues orders to Army to hand back the bodies or retrieve the body buried and hand it over to them. Brother of alleged dead Kashmiri terrorists came with his lawyers to the Army which shows that they know the drill and soon will approach courts to retrieve the body which has been buried.

Indian Army has officially not made any statement on this but many Indian security experts hope that it becomes a permanent feature and not a temporary one since many of this locals who join terror group only to get their martyrdom status and their families in the valley some special status in the community this is one of the reasons why when there are alive families refuses to ask them to surrender on requests of Indian security forces but come fast to collect their bodies.

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