Martin-Baker confirmed that the company developed PK16LE ejection seat carried out the first successful ejection from the ill-fated JF-17 Block-2 Tail Number 17-241 which crashed near Pindigheb, Attock in Pakistan while the ill-fated aircraft was on a routine training sortie. Martin-Baker said that they never celebrate the loss of any aircraft but the first successful ejection of any seat program gives them enormous sense of pride on its products and Pilot’s life saved.

PAF in its official statement and most of the Pakistani media channels have not mentioned the Type of aircraft which went down recently but the OSNIT community was able to confirm from the Tail Number that it was a JF-17 Block-2 aircraft. Martin-Baker confirmation for the first time also confirms that the Second JF-17s crash which took over the Arabian Sea on 27 Sept 2016 while carrying out a Night sortie resulted in a fatality which again was never covered in Pakistani media.

The second crash was blamed on Pilots spatial disorientation during a night flight over featureless terrain but some Pakistani media reported successful ejection which was strange since spatial disorientation is usually followed with Blackout and loss of consciousness of the Pilot and if recovery of the Pilot consciousness had happened recover of aircraft too was possible negating the need for ejection out of perfectly flight worthy aircraft which back then seemed like a hoax but Pakistani media is not trained to ask difficult questions to PAF. first reported crash of JF-17 Block-I happened in 2011 due to engine flame out where Pilot was killed in the Crash and no ejection has taken place back then.

This is the third JF-17 crash in less than 9 years is casting serious doubts on the fitness of the Chinese designed fighter aircraft which has been dubbed by PAF as “Rafale Killer ” in propaganda Pakistani talk shows. Former Program Director of JF-17 project PAF Air Marshall Shahid Latif was even seen saying that JF-17 Block-III is far superior to Indian Dassault Rafale and some have gone ahead and even called combo of PL-15 equipped JF-17s as equivalent to Indian Rafale.

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