A pattern seems to be emerging in both the Coimbatore and Mangaluru blasts, where lone wolf terrorists are activated by individuals with Links to banned organizations like the Popular Front of India (PFI) and Al Ummah, and ISIS. In South India such attacks were uncommon but back-to-back blasts have put a question mark on areas where radicalization in Muslim youth was considered low due to a better education system that has worried Intel agencies.

Both Accused were in the eye of Intel agencies in the past due to their activities in promoting ISIS ideology in the area or their plans to act as a recruitment agents for the terror front. Popular Front of India (PFI) deliberately never kept the records of its members and has been proactively training the individual in manufacturing local explosives using makeshift chemicals and electronics.

Intel agencies have a record of many foot soldiers of now banned PFI but it is simply impossible to keep eye on the activities of such individuals that have been activated only for certain missions. Intel agencies are worried that one attack in Coimbatore failed due to sheer luck and the Mangaluru blast was low intensity due to poor explosives used but it will be not too long before will run out of luck.