Majority Government, a rare first in last 30 years came to power with promises that it will fix one of the core issues of independent India that it will Terror activities in Kashmir region and also abolish Article 370 which gave residents of the state special rights over other Indians from other states.

Once back in power, Modi was more keen on winning more states rather than working on key issues of India which could have made Modi forever remembered in history books of India has a politician who fixed Kashmir issue permanently for India. No efforts were made for the Abolishment of Article 370 neither in Parliament nor in our Courts which makes many last time voters wonder Why Modi Couldn’t fix the Kashmir Issue? and how he can now even promise to do so, even when he is not likely to come back to power with a brute majority he enjoyed previously?.

The unholy alliance with PDP in the State and later pullout from the government only further creates confusion in minds of the voters if Modi actually had any Kashmir plan in his mind when he was elected?. The situation in Kashmir more or less remains the same at the time he was sworn in as the Prime minister but his lack of any incremental steps to resolve Kashmir issue for permanently can be described as his epic failure on his part.

Abolishment of Article 370 could have created a path for the country to fully integrate Kashmir and Kashmiris in the country leading to a ground situation as we see in northeastern states in India which too faced separatism for many years, till time we succeeded in mainstreaming local people which lead to drastic fall in support to separatism and youth joining terror outfits in the region .

Until people are mainstreamed and integrated into the country, Kashmir will always remain a Getho which makes up 99% of the region belonging to one particular religion and community who are not interested in integrating them selfs into India and of late have also developed tendency that they don’t belong with India and can never live peacefully with the rest.

As India heads to final days of Modi first tenure as Prime Minister, Not many emotional reasons are left anymore for his voter base to re-elect him just based on a promise of Vikas (Development). With him unlikely to come back to power with a previous brute majority, Kashmir issue which seemed fixable when he was elected will forever remain broken and as a consensus, India will have to keep fighting external and internal forces to avoid another partition in next 70 years of our Independent existence.

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