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Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), infamous for its notorious attempts of waging asymmetrical war against India, once again bit the dust as its major bid was foiled and a man was arrested in the case. A major conspiracy against Indian Navy to obtain confidential and sensitive information through various means was foiled by Uttar Pradesh ATS.

The information, developed by ATS, revealed that Ram Singh, a resident of Gorakhpur, was in contact with a Pakistani female spy. Continuous funds were being deposited into Ram Singh’s bank account by Pakistani agents. Ram Singh was later interrogated and arrested. During interrogation, Ram Singh revealed that for the past three years, he had been in contact with a supposed Pakistani female spy.

Ram Singh, employed as a part-time worker at the Goa Shipyard Naval Base, was involved in insulation work on Indian Navy warships like INS Vikramaditya and INS Vikrant, among others. He had sent photos of Indian Navy warships to the Pakistani agent. Kirti Kumari (alias), the Pakistani female spy, had deposited a significant amount of money into Ram Singh’s bank account. Ram Singh has been arrested and is being charged under section 121A of the Indian Penal Code. Further probe into the matter is underway.