Malaysian officials have debunked, claims made in the Korean media report, that claimed that South Korea made FA-50 and Chinese made JF-17 are the only two finalists left in the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s (RMAF’s) light combat aircraft/lead-in fighter trainer (LCA/LIFT) program to replace a number of its current platform types soon. RMAF insists that the evaluation is still an ongoing exercise and the air force is yet to evaluate all the proposals yet.

RMAF plans to procure up to 36 LCAs with options for 26 more, but the initial number might be only for 12 jets, while the rest are kept for follow-on orders. RMAF Team will be visiting India next month possibly to evaluate the LCA-Tejas aircraft and also check out the manufacturing facilities in India. HAL facilities in Bengaluru will be showcasing its new aircraft under development and also its Tier-II supply chain. RMAF Team might also get a tour of the airbase where the first LCA-Tejas Mk1 squadron is based.

Korean media has now deleted that report from its website after being called out by Malaysian officials.

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