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Malaysian Defense Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan stated that the previous government’s Cabinet had approved the acquisition of all LCA aircraft in principle and the new government is bond to clear the deal when it is in the power.

The Royal Malaysian Air Force confirmed that it will proceed with its plan to acquire 18 FA-50 Light Combat Aircraft (Light Combat Aircraft) from South Korea, which has been delayed due to allegations of corruption and the filing of an official complaint by local representatives of the Chinese company that had bid its JF-17 fighter jets in the deal.

The Chinese JF-17 fighter jet was the cheapest in the tender bid, followed by India’s LCA-Tejas fighter jet, and the South Korean FA-50 fighter jet was the most expensive of the three. Chinese company representatives, who were also former Royal Malaysian Air Force officers, claimed that the JF-17 met all technical criteria but that the inferior FA-50 fighter jet was chosen.

General Tan Sri Asghar Khan Goriman Khan, Commander of the Royal Malaysian Air Force, has asked the government to sanction additional funds to proceed with a deal to procure 18 South Korean FA-50 fighter jets, which has blown the budget due to the selection of the most expensive jet on offer in the bid.

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