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Indian Army has been operating Russian BM-30 ‘Smerch’ heavy multiple rocket launcher system with a range of 90km from 2012 onwards and with local license production rights it has been under continuous production since then but things are to be changed now as EEL of Solar Group as been clearance to develop Maheshvarastra-1 will be a Multi Barrel Guided Rocket Launch System with a range of 150 kilometers that will start replacing existing SMERCH system imported from Russia.

Maheshvarastra 1 will be equipped with a 250 kg custom-designed warhead to defeat a variety of targets and will be integrated with the INS/GPS guided to precisely hit the targets with CEP of less than 10 m to inflict aerial damage to the enemy targets.

Solar Group, Managing Director, Manish Satyanarayan Nuwal has said that it will have more than 75% indigenous content and will be ready for trials in 18 months as its proposal has been accepted by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Solar Group is also working on Maheshvarastra 2 which will have a range of 290km.

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