The defense arm of Larsen & Toubro (L&T) will be showcasing 8×8 Wheeled armored fighting vehicles at the upcoming Defexpo 2022 to be held from 18th-22nd October 2022 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. the company claims that it has been working on the development of the wheeled 8×8 armored vehicle platform.

The above model that will be showcased is a multipurpose platform that can be used to develop variants like ICV with Turrent, APC, Command post, and Ambulance. The Vehicle will be amphibious and can be deployed in various terrains like desert, mountainous, hilly regions, and urban terrain.

The Vehicle will be equipped with armaments such as ATGM, a 30mm gun with a 7.62mm co-axial machine gun, and smoke grenade launchers. This program is different from WhAP8x8 ICV which has been developed by Tata Motors with DRDO and has been inducted in limited numbers.

L&T will also be showcasing an upgraded V-150 Armoured Personal Carrier that has been upgraded for a South East Asian Country. The company claims it has completed firing and mobility trials. V-150 is an American armored car that was designed in the early ’60s and is still operational in 20+ countries.

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