DRDO’s scramjet-powered Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV) is being prepared to be tested this time for a longer duration and preparations are underway for fresh tests, that are being planned to be carried out later this year where flight duration of the Hypersonic missile will be longer this time. In last year’s trial, the Hypersonic missile achieved 20 seconds of sustained flight where it covered around 40km before it plunged into the Bay of Bengal.

DRDO to aims to demonstrate 12 minutes of sustained flight at Mach 6 speed, which will cover 2 km per sec to achieve desired goals of the 1500km range of the missile system over the next few years. Data collected from the first trials in 2020 have given enough confidence for DRDO to plan fresh trials that will see flight duration being pushed for 2-5 minutes and slowly more longer duration trials will be planned till they can achieve the 1500 km range.

Weaponized and Production-ready Hypersonic missile will be ready in the next 5 years to enter bulk production to be used as an Anti-Ship Hypersonic Cruise Missile or as land-based Hypersonic Cruise Missile that can travel at Mach 6 speeds making it nearly impossible to defend against due to its speed alone.

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