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Coimbatore-based Lakshmi Machine Works Advanced Technology Centre (LMW ATC) has achieved a major milestone by successfully handing over India’s largest composite Ogive Payload Fairing for the GSLV MKIII project to ISRO Chairman today. This is a significant accomplishment for both LMW ATC and Indian space research.

Congratulations to the entire LMW ATC team for their dedication and expertise in making this project a success. Special thanks to CMD, LMW Mr. Sanjay Jayavarthanavelu and Chairman, ISRO Shri S Somanath for their leadership and vision.

The payload fairing is a crucial component of the GSLV MKIII launch vehicle. It measures an impressive 5 meters in diameter and stands tall at 10.75 meters. This massive structure is comprised of four key segments: boat tail, cylinder, ogive, and nose cap.

“We are immensely proud of Coimbatore’s LMW ATC for their significant achievement,” said Tamil Nadu industries minister TRB Rajaa. This project signifies the growing capabilities of Indian private industries in contributing to the nation’s spacefaring endeavors.