A chilling discovery on January 4th sent shivers down the spines of Andaman Island residents when a live Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) warhead was found washed ashore on the Dhani Nallah beach. Nearly 3 km inland, the Chinese-manufactured Type 69 (Chinese RPG-7) DZGI-40 explosive, fortunately, did not detonate and was safely defused by authorities. However, its presence has sparked serious security concerns.

The warhead’s presence was purely accidental. Jyoti Prakash, a dedicated Forest Department worker, stumbled upon the object while cleaning the beach, immediately raising the alarm. His vigilance likely prevented a potential tragedy.

The authorities have rightfully increased security measures in the wake of this incident. Patrolling has been intensified, and awareness campaigns are underway to educate locals about suspicious objects.

A thorough investigation is crucial to unravel the mystery surrounding the warhead’s origin and purpose. Addressing the security gaps exposed by this incident is equally important to ensure the safety and well-being of the island’s residents.

Raising Red Flags:

The discovery of a live RPG warhead on the shores of a remote island raises several questions:

  • Origin: How did the warhead reach the Andamans? Was it lost at sea, discarded deliberately, or part of a larger smuggling operation?
  • Intent: Given the sensitive location, the presence of the warhead cannot be ignored. Was it meant to be used in any nefarious activity?
  • Security Gaps: The incident highlights potential vulnerabilities in the island’s security apparatus. How did such a potentially dangerous object slip through the cracks?