The people of Malari village on the India-China border in Uttarakhand have been facing difficulties since the collapse of the Valley Bridge over the Dhauli Ganga last month. The Valley Bridge connecting the India-China border at Burans near Malari collapsed on April 17. The Bhotia tribe of the region who go on summer migration in the border villages this time are facing problems. The bridge served as the lifeline for the people in the area.

The alternative causeway built over the Dhauli Ganga for the movement of army vehicles on the China border is also facing an overflow of strong currents of water.

Border Roads Organisation (BRO) Commander Colonel Ankur Mahajan said that the bridge’s inclination have been prepared for the construction of Valley Bridge. The construction work of bridge will be started soon, he said. In the past, the alternative causeway was damaged due to the strong water flow, but it was then repaired.